Gold Dust Trilogy - The very best of Paul Gordon

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Gold Dust, Gold Dust Companion and Gold Dust Finale contain the very best of Paul Gordons brand of commercial and entertaining card magic. Paul Gordon has been creating "worker" card magic since the late 1970's. He's published over seven-hundred routines in magazines such as Genii, Magic, LaBal, Abra, Apocalypse; Precursor, The Magic Circular, MagicSeen and in the books of Hgarry Lorayne, Aldo Colombini and Peter Duffie. 

The Gold Dust Trilogy contain the very best of Paul*s work. Gold Dust contains 150 routines over 352 pages. Gold Dust compainon contains 120 routines over 225 pages. Gold Dust Finale contains 75 routines over 128 pages. Each book is beautifully produced. Top-quality foil-embossed cloth-covered saddle-stitched hardbacks. The books lok stunning and the magic is powerful, visual and fun!

The older material has been re-written, updated, improved and each trick has added nuances born of years of performin experience. Even if you own the older out-of-print original books, there is much new here including over 120 NEW tricks createds in the last few years. The tricks are workers. Easy to semi-advanced. We think you will enjoy Paul Gordon's easy-to-read conversational prose. 


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