The Berglas Effect by Richard Kaufman

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The big hardcover book that reveals the innermost secrets of the card miracles performed by the legendary David Berglas for 60 years, written by magic's most experienced author, Richard Kaufman.

• Almost 400 pages
• Oversized, Hardcover
• Dustjacket, Inserts, and 3D Glasses
• Includes 3 DVDs
• Over 60 Pages Devoted to "The Berglas Effect" and "Any Card at Any Number"


    Foreword (Juan Tamariz)
    Invisible Control
    The Magic in David Berglas's Card Magic
    A Closed System
    David Berglas Talks About Personality and Presentation
    Beware the Obvious
    He Never Touched the Deck
    Searching for Perfection
    Zen in a Pack of Cards
    Think a Card
    Any Card at Any Number
    Small Tools and Party Tricks
    Magician's Choice
    Mind Mapping for Magicians
    The Set-Up Deck
    Jazzing Around with a Set-Up Deck
    The Berglas Effect
    The Act: The Berglas Effects
    Last Word


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