Slydini's Knotted Silks Magic-World's Greatest Magic

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Wer sie einmal gesehen und die Wirkung auf das Publikum erlebt hat, möchte diesen Effekt in seinem Programm nicht mehr missen.  Die Rede ist von Slydinis Knotted Silks.Auf dieser DVD erleben Sie drei Zauberkünstler, die diesen Effekt vorführen und erklären. Steve Draun erklärt die bAsic Routine. Dann folgen Jim Cellini, der Schüler von Slydini war und schlußendlich Bill Malone mit seiner ausgesprochen unterhaltsamen Routine.

When asked to name his favorite trick from the many classic routines he created, Slydini would always say, "The silks." This trick, now known throughout the magic world as Slydini's Knotted Silks - is a masterpiece of magic. The silks don't change color or transform into birds but they do something just as mysterious - they magically untie themselves. Even under increasingly impossible conditions - even when the spectators tie the silks together themselves - they still melt apart.

On this DVD, you'll see three different presentations of Slydini's wonderful brainchild. Steve Draun is up first with the basic routine which obviously befuddles and entertains his audience and can do the same for yours. Jim Cellini, one of Slydini's prized students, is demonstrates how a little bit of theater and music can make this routine play even on the largest stage. Finally, Bill Malone shows off his very funny routine that turns the trick into a spectator challenge of sorts, inevitably creating the kind of chaotic fun that Bill is known for.

Slydini's Knotted Silks is a magical classic and its creator not only entertained and mystified audiences all over the world with it but also baffled some of the best minds in magic in his day. Now, with the help of this DVD and three master magicians, Slydini's legacy can be yours.

Knotted Silks - Steve Draun
Knotted Silks (Stage Version) - Jim Cellini
Test Of Strength - Bill Malone

Running Time Approximately 1hr 46min    



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