Thumb Flash Gun

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An indispensable gimmick in your performances on stage or close-up!

You can whenever you like produce a dazzling flash with flash cotton, a "snowstorm" or a silk! Just click the botton of the finger flasher. After performing, put on the finger flasher, then nothing can be found!

- Produce a dazzling flash with flash cotton or flash paper
- Produce a silk
- Produce a "snowstorm" after disappearing a deck of cards, a sponge ball, a silk or something you want

Compared with tranditional flash gun, this product is shaped as a thumb which can be put on your thumb. No matter what you wear, even T-shirt, you can show your hand completely. The product is rechargeable and  more stable for magicians.

This accessory is invisible to the public and can very discreetly disappear once the production of your choice is made.


Supplied with a thumb flash gun, a usb charger and an instructional video.

No Flash Paper/Cotton, SnowStorms or Silk included. 


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