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Ultimate Sketch Pad 4.0 (Stage size programmable drawing pad!)

Ultimate Sketch Pad 4.0 (Stage size programmable drawing pad!)

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Ultimate Sketch Pad 4.0 (Stage size programmable drawing pad!)   Imagine, you pick... mehr

Ultimate Sketch Pad 4.0 (Stage size programmable drawing pad!)


Imagine, you pick up an artist sketch pad any time during your performance and draw any face you wish. Unexpectedly the drawing suddenly becomes animated with the eyes and mouth moving. WAIT! There ’s more …You can even set the pad down on your table, a chair almost anywhere and the drawings eyes continue to move. You could even have them follow your movements. Now for the KILLER ending …You lift up the single sheet of paper you drew the face on and tear it from the Sketch Pad in full view of the audience. NO SWITCHES! NO TRICKY MOVES! You tear off the ACTUAL drawing and hand it to a spectator for a souvenir they will NEVER forget!  New Improved Mouth action adds to the illusion! 

Measures 11 ”wide by 14 ” tall, perfect for platform or stage performers. Comes complete with everything you need for dozens of performances. Refill with any same size Sketch pad or purchase refills from us.  Also, now comes with DVD instructions!

Here are some common questions and answers about the Ultimate Sketch Pad 4.0:


What exactly are these "Improvements" that you are talking about?

We have made a couple of great improvements to the Ultimate Sketch Pad that will make it even more fun to use!  The first improvement is in the mouth action.  The best way to describe this is to watch the video or the animation at the top of this page.  As you can see, we now have a more realistic mouth movement.  Secondly, we have integrated a manual feature on the eyes, so that you can manually move the eyes then switch to the programmable feature during your performance.  This will give you more flexibility at various performing situations.  We now also include DVD instructions with BONUS TIPS!


What is the difference between the MANUAL Ultimate Sketch Pad and the Ultimate Sketch Pad 4.0?

The MANUAL Ultimate Sketch Pad is just what the name implies, it works totally by MANUAL action, NO ELECTRONICS, your fingers do the work!  The Ultimate Sketch Pad 4.0 has programmable eyes.  That means that you can program the eyes to move after you set the pad down and walk away from it. 


What is the difference between the Note Pad Surprise and the Ultimate Sketch Pad?

The Note Pad Surprise is a small hand held version that is best for close-up situations such as table hopping.  The Ultimate Sketch Pad is much larger and the eyes are programmable which means you can set the pad on a table and walk away while the eyes still move!


Is the Ultimate Sketch Pad hard to program?

The Ultimate Sketch Pad is very easy to program!  You simply press a button and turn a wheel.  The microchip records your movements and plays it back when you are ready!


What type of batteries does the Ultimate Sketch Pad use?

The Ultimate Sketch Pad uses one 9 volt battery.

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