The Chicken Sandwich – David Martinez

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Was für ein Gag! Sie produzieren aus einem Produktionsgerät Ihrer Wahl ein Sandwich. Nun fragen Sie Ihr Publikum, ob Sie wissen was für ein Sandwich dies ist. Natürlich weiß dies keiner und nun der Gag:
Sie heben die oberste Scheibe an und sagen gleichzeitig:" Natürlich ein Chicken Sandwich!".

SIe können das Sandwich natürlich aus einer Ihrer Taschen am Leibe produzieren.

Ein genialer Gag oder Opener für jeden Sprecher.

Es handelt sich hier nicht um einen Schaumstoffartikel, sondern um Holz und sieht entsprechend echt aus!



Hungry for a great comedy prop?!  Bite into some fun with this gag. Stevens Magic Emporium has discovered another exclusive high quality prop that will be sure to please your audience. David Martinez is known for producing, in our opinion, the finest close-up performance pad in the industry.

He is now offering one of the funniest sight gags ever created. The Chicken Sandwich is brought to the forefront of comedy again after many years. Children as well as adults will be amused by this well timed pun. In the past, these were made entirely from flimsy “felt” material. This “Chicken Sandwich” is all hand cut, sanded, painted and assembled in wood one by one. Built to last a lifetime.

Can be viewed from all angles as front and back are both painted to represent a “chicken”. Priced way too low for the amount of workmanship involved. Easy to use, Just lift top up and down to open and close. “Poultry In Motion.” (Sorry, had to include  it.)

Get yours now. Don’t be “chicken” to try it. (OK, that’s enough.) These won’t last long as they are individually handmade



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