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Troy Hooser has long been one of the magic underground´s best-kept secrets. DesTROYers is... mehr

Troy Hooser has long been one of the magic underground´s best-kept secrets. DesTROYers is your chance to finally learn all of the details and subtleties to Troy´s high-impact, visual and audience-tested routines previously known by only a few top professionals.
Written by Joshua Jay and generously illustrated by Tony Dunn, all of the routines have been meticulously explained. Here´s just a short preview of what you´ll find inside:

Produce a real bottle of wine...close-up

Visually change the color and design of a card...twice

Cause three Chinese coins to visually melt through a ribbon one at a time

Direct and new methods for Coins Across, Coins through Table, Card to Box and many others

"When Troy performs, it looks like real magic! I admire and respect Troy´s creativity, subtleties, misdirection, and routine construction. I´m thrilled that Troy has decided to share several of his most valuable secrets." - Daryl
"I´m really sorry to see some of the best underground material surface for everybody´s eyes. Troy has been one of the best-kept secrets in magic for years. I´ve been using these routines in my professional shows...they kill!" - Bob Kohler
"Troy Hooser´s sleight of hand with cards and coins is something everybody needs to experience." - Gary Plants
"Material so fresh it should be kept refrigerated." - Steve Beam
"Must reading for the close-up worker." - Tom Craven

Hardbound, 167 Pages, Includes Index and Fully Illustrated

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