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Kenton`s little Book of Wonders

Kenton`s little Book of Wonders

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Packing a giant wallop in a small, compact size... About 60 pages packed with original Kenton... mehr

Packing a giant wallop in a small, compact size...

About 60 pages packed with original Kenton material never published before. Here are some of Kenton's cherished secrets such as his work with The Hoy Deck which sent mentalists reeling recently. This 5 1/2 X 11 inch booklet has more truly creative and honestly practical effects than most books three times its size.

EVERYTHING you enjoy can be found here. Close-up, mentalism, stand-up, weird magic. Plots never considered previously, and wild takes on a few forgotten classics. Here is a taste:

Pop popcorn in your hand - Spectators HEAR it actually popping!

Learn of Kenton's O.K. "Okito" box which uses hinged lids and mini-mint boxes. Yes, HINGED on lids as an Okito Box. This will create a new revolution in the Okito Box tradition.

Don't just melt a spoon - squish the bowl like it were putty. Is it putty? No! The bowl while seemingly molten instantly becomes solid again and the hands are seen empty. NOT like anything you have seen before. This is different.

Props are taken from a large Altoid type box, as the performer displays his unusual abilities. BUT, the box instantly seals itself shut with tape, postage stamps and more in a split second and in full view. The tape must be removed before the box can be opened to once again show all the props inside (including a borrowed item). This is impossible to describe and weird to experience!

A key chain with a light is held over a spectator's hand. The spectator attempts to light it with her mind. That never happens. But what does happen will surprise you and your spectator for some time to come.

There is MORE in this little booklet to be sure. Any one of these effects could have been marketed on their own, as many are doing with manuscripts these days. But Kenton, as he begins to wind down his writing for performers, wanted to cram as much as he could into one little booklet. That he has certainly accomplished.

Several secret groups were privy to small portions of this work last year. Each commented on how these methods were going to change their own methods, effects and presentations. Each group noted that at least several likely instant-classics were contained in this booklet. 

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