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Springboard by Michael Murray

Springboard by Michael Murray

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Springboard is a revolutionary new system for allowing your SPECTATOR to read minds! Imagine... mehr

Springboard is a revolutionary new system for allowing your SPECTATOR to read minds!

Imagine for a moment that you are thinking of a card. The spectator creates a card in their mind, never mentioning any color, suit or value. Their choice is real. You name the card that you were thinking of and they freak out. Put simply they have just read your mind.

Imagine the reactions from your spectators when they are able to identify cards which you have handed them sight unseen.

Imagine performing a super clean version of Paul Vigils "Diplopia" effect where your thought of card is placed on the table from the word go.

Imagine performing the "Invisible Deck" whereby the card is revealed without the need to know the identity of the spectators card.

Points to remember:

  • Easy to do.
  • No memory work.
  • No preparation needed.
  • The spectators choices are genuine.
  • Perform with a borrowed deck which need not be complete.
  • The spectator never reveals, colors, suits or values until after you reveal your thoughts.
  • Also includes additional thoughts on applying this to non card related items including an amazing technique where by the spectator is able to reveal a random time set on another spectators watch!

Here are a few quotes:

"Mike Murray has devised what is possibly the most important new playing card mentalism concept of the last decade. It's a truly devious idea, one which allows you to empower the spectator in a way that seems completely unfathomable. He has found a holy grail that we didn't even know we were looking for..."
- Mark Elsdon

"This is one of the smartest psychological card subtleties I've had the pleasure of learning. It's direct and creates a moment of genuine magical amazement for your participant."
- Colin McLeod

"This is f'ing lovely! I read this and just had to try it out. Be attentive and see this for what it is...It certainly sparked several ideas in my mind."
- Pete Turner

"Michael's "Springboard" gambit is the single best technique for discerning a genuinely thought of card I have ever seen and the structure with which he has framed his technique is nothing short of masterful. I was only sent the first few pages and I can honestly say I've never been so profoundly impressed and so genuinely ecstatic by so few words. Seriously. It's GENIUS!"
- David Forrest

"Springboard is a beautiful utility concept that can be applied to cards and many other objects. The effects Michael gives you are just the tip of the iceberg."
- John Carey

"Springboard is the next stage of mentalism evolution."
- Wayne Goodman

Pages: 32 - 5.83" x 8.27" - Book

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