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The Complete Eye Openers

The Complete Eye Openers

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A BEST-SELLER - Startlingly Great Card Magic! With a NEW introduction by JON RACHERBAUMER,... mehr

A BEST-SELLER - Startlingly Great Card Magic!

With a NEW introduction by JON RACHERBAUMER, this NEW book is the latest is a series of reprints (with stylish NEW typeset) by Natzler Enterprises. Ralph Hull's "Eye-Openers" and "More Eye-Openers" were and are true CLASSICS. After years (possibly 40+) of being unavailable and out-of-print, they are BOTH under one great-looking two-colour cover roof!

The tricks are STILL stunning - STILL vital. (See Jon Racherbaumer's intro below). But - there is MORE: Not only do you get two books under one cover, you get (under the same cover) a reprint of Hull's classic SUPREME MENTAL DISCERNMENT...and it is a BEAUTY!

95 pages - A4 (outsize) format. Two-colour cover on gold. Original photographs/images (one has been enhanced by the talented Philip Young of the USA.)

Classic Effects (ones you can still use) include: Mental Abstraction or Cards by Instinct, Hull's "Eye Popper", Hull's Marvelous Card Prediction, Topsy Turvy Cards, Magic Number Revealment , A Mental Card Mystery, A Trick Exposed, But How?, Single Card Wonder Prediction, A False Shuffle, A Surprising Solitaire, Diamond Thieves and Blackmailers, The Simplicity Four Ace Trick, The "Will-o'-the-Wisp" Card, Magic Touch Versus Mental Thought, The Elusive Jack, Hull's "Magic Picture Book" Deck, Magic Number Revealment, Improved, Hull's "Never Miss" Card Trick, The New Torn and Restored Card, Birds of a Feather Flock Together.

See Nov 2006 issue of Genii for great review by Jamy Ian Swiss. Plus, "I enjoyed this book, and am pleased to have it on my bookshelf. Well done, Paul Gordon!" - Matt Field, Magic Circular, Nov. 2006