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pick your dream car by Erez Moshe

pick your dream car by Erez Moshe

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 Let loose from start to finish. Show the audience two separate sets of Dream Cars... mehr

 Let loose from start to finish. Show the audience two separate sets of Dream Cars printed on glossy cards. Have a spectator put one pack between their palms and simply to think of a card from your collection. A WHOLE GROUP of spectators can think of a card. Cross the finish line! Their CAR VANISHES and appears in the pack between their palms! Repeats immediately a different car every time!

• Custom printed cards look pro!
• Boasts a soft, classy vinyl wallet!
• Audience participation PLUS road rage!
• Fast paced or slow and steady wins the race!

It's so easy to do you'll be off in seconds! It's fun too, a great confidence builder that doesn't require any difficult sleight of hand. Pick Your Dream Car makes a great gift for new magicians, a refreshing snack for the working pro, and a fixer-upper for the do-it-yourself magician. You'll perform it table-side and street-style, down the row and up the aisle!

Pick Your Dream Card by Erez Moshe is perfect for close-up interludes and television magic. A sure-fire hit that will garner tremendous response and discussion amongst your audience! Comes complete with everything you will need to perform the effect.

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